TEACHER: why were u absent yesterday?
BOY 1: i had guests mam…
TEACHER: ok! So why were the other u two absent?
BOY 2 & BOY 3: Mam, we were his guests!!


"Oh John so you finally moved on after Sherlock"
“yes Mrs.Hudson I’m being married”
“So who is he!”
Mrs.Hudson i’m not gay

Sherlock BBC

When you pray the GODS listen! so do the DEMONS! - The lost Symbol Book Review


When you buy a Dan Brown book remember that you are going against a whole bunch or i would rather say a fraternity of ccritics who would say that you bought ‘SHIT’.

Apparently i have been a humongous fan of Dan Brown since i have read The DA VINCI CODE. The book was very big to read as of course Dan tells you everything and such a description that you feel like you are really there feeling and experiencing every bit of the story and as the winds blow through your hair follicles stimulating your hair follicles having free dendritic nerve ending only 2 words are expected to come from your mouth… “what the fuck” or “OMG” and sometimes “Holy Crap”. 

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A very long delay, yes I know that and now i’m back with double the awesomeness. Due to exams and server problems we have been facing this blog was just wasted! (literally).

But now updates daily of music , movies and all  the inter-web.


No words to describe……….cause its fuckin VICETONE!! yay

With over 40 different sub-genre it is difficult to find some hardcore metal like you think of and here it comes….. epic action packed viking metal with drums like hammers that will knock you out of your feet.

We always want to use some epic music in our videos that we monetize and most of the time they are copyrighted and we get screwed up! And when we think of creative commons music we think that it would be boring, not creative or not mature. But have no fear, HEAVYVIRUS is here… with an epic dubstep track for free and monetization ready! Download it now

My Romanian music quest began with SUmmer of Love and after scrounging the internet i found many tacks which were just awesome. The voice maybe autotuned but its still awesome to hear… and the beat has a nice vibe to it like some of Shakira’s songs. I have had this on repeat for a few couple of days awesome.

Don’t know why but my music choices have shifted from EDM to pop and country and acoustic songs lately… when i was a child i found these songs boring but yeah they are quiet meaningful… god AM in In Love??? :p

Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing (Kygo Remix)

I have been lately on a KYGO roll! The best thing about KYGO is that he has a lot of great tracks out there for free download…. like which great DJ has his tracks for free download. This shows us one fact that you can buy garbage with money but not talent.

Orgasmic vibes :-)